Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Happened to the Alarm?

It was a normal Sunday morning at the Shaw home, or so I thought! I was in the state of not being fully awake to stretching and yawning getting ready for a new day when suddenly the phone rang, it was one of the Sunday School teachers telling us that he wouldn't be there for his class this morning. I was glad that he called so we could make arrangements when we got to church, but what I couldn't figure out is why he called so early, the clock said 6:30. I just shrugged and hung up the phone. I still had 15 more minutes to enjoy the morning before I would get up and start my day. I got up at 6:45 feeling refreshed and ready for my coffee and the rest of what the day would bring. I got into the bathroom and looked at the clock in there and not believing what I was seeing walked quickly to the kitchen to look at the clock in there, all the clocks were reading out the time of 7:55, not the 6:55 time that I thought it was.

Then I remembered that we had gotten a clock that would automatically reset when it was day light saving time. BUT GUESS WHAT? IT WAS NOT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!!! ( We copied Angela and Zach's clock that they had gotten for a wedding present.) I had thought how neat it would be not having to remember to set my clock those two times when the time changed!!

I never really had a problem remembering when to change our clocks before because the spring time change was the weekend after my birthday and the fall change was the weekend after Steve's birthday in October. What I had forgotten this year, is that the government decided to make daylight savings time last longer so the time change to spring forward this year was in March and the time to fall back is in November. The spring time change and not remembering to change the clock didn't have any affect on us. But, this one made us late!! We ended up with our extra hour today and then I guess we will get another hour when the time really does change!! (whenever that is!)

I am not someone who likes to be late, in fact that is something that Steve and I have had issues with over the years. I was brought up that you are not late to things instead you should be early. He was brought up to get there when you can. I know that when I yelled out "Steve, get up, we are late, the clock is wrong" really got his attention this morning. I made phone calls to let the leadership at church know that we would be late. It made me so irritated at myself that I let this happen but then I realized, how did I know that the clock would reset itself like it did? I realized that sometimes we put undue stress on ourselves because we think we are the only ones that can do certain things.

What happened this morning reminded me that we should control the controllable. I couldn't control the fact that we were late this morning, it was just one of those things that happen. I think I handled things okay for me but as I got ready, I had to laugh that the more I tried to hurry, the more little things happened. Like I thought, I won't wash my hair but when I got in the shower as I was planning out step by step how I would get things ready to go, I realized that I was washing my hair, then I was getting out my makeup and dropped part of it on the floor, then I couldn't find my other earring. Nothing, it seemed was easy this morning.
I realized that with this experience that I have changed my way of dealing with things like this. I didn't get mad and try to blame anyone, I didn't stay stressed on the 30 minute drive to church, I was able to laugh and tell how technology got the better of me this morning.

Life is too short to stay upset over things that are out our control. I hate the fact that we were late this morning but I am happy in the fact that I didn't let the situation get the better of me. But, you better believe that I will be finding out the specific dates for day light savings time in the future!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is my wonderful husband's 50th birthday!

For the past 7 months my sweet husband has been kind enough to remind me that I am 50 and that he is not!! Well, today is the day that he turns 50, so once again, he is the same age as me.

Finally, no more teasing about me being soooo old! Now he knows how it feels. I have to say that it doesn't seem to be bothering him either about turning 50, it's going to happen so why be depressed.The years keep going and so do our ages. We figure that as long as we don't act our age it is okay to keep having birthdays!!

He has been on vacation this week so it was good to spend most of today with him. I have had a few happys for him to open throughout the day, like chattering teeth, in case he needs to replace his, a small construction cone to put out when he is having a senior moment and things like that. I am saving the rest for when the children get here so we can have cake and open the rest of his special presents! Payback is fun!!!!

When it was Angela's, Zach's and Ben's birthdays I listed things about them that matched their ages but with Steve turning 50, I don't know if I can think of that many, ha ha

I will just say this about him:

He is a man who loves the Lord and his family with his whole heart. He is kind and compassionate. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He is very smart and knows so much about so many different things. He makes me laugh and has the most beautiful smile and twinkling eyes of anyone I have ever met.

I could go on and on but I will stop with:
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you very much!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break

Over the past few years the school system I work for decided to add into the school calendar a whole week off of school in the month of October, Fall break. It has been a welcome addition for students and teachers alike. We all look forward having no school for the whole week. Many other school systems and universities also have fall break around this time. MTSU had fall break last week too, so Ben was able to come home for a short visit. His break was only on Monday and Tuesday, not the whole week like I had but I was happy just to have him home for a little while.

Ben was able to come home last Friday and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. He brought with him his wonderful smile and laugh, his guitar to entertain and his laundry that would fill an entire laundromat. I sure was glad to see him and enjoy his company. I even did most of his laundry. My mom was
very glad to see him as well. She has been staying with us for most of the month of October. So the timing of fall break was perfect. Ben was able to have a little time with all of us. Ben and I did one of our fun things while he was home and that was to take a trip to Sam's Club. We are both very impulsive shoppers so when you get us together in Sam's, my checking account can take a hit. We went in there for TP, washing powder and coffee beans but came out with books, juice, water, cinnamon rolls, ink pens and much more. We always have a good time there.

When he went back to school on Tuesday, mom and I had Wednesday to get laundry done and get ready for our trip to Knoxville to visit Angela and Zach. We had already had tickets to the UT game on Saturday before we knew mom was going to be here with us, so Angela suggested that we bring mom to Knoxville with us and that we could take her up to Gatlinburg and drive around the mountains and show her around the area. Mom was excited about that since she had never spent any time in east Tennessee. Mom and I went on Thursday and then Steve came up on Saturday in time for the game. Mom stayed at Angela's and Zach's while we went to the football game. She was very glad for the chance to see where her grandaughter and grandson-in-law live, to meet their dog, Jere, and the newest addition to the family, Pickles the kitten, AKA Kitty, and to see some of the mountains. We were a little disappointed because the day we had planned to drive into the mountain area was drizzly and rainy so she didn't get to see as much as she wanted too but was still happy to be there.

We got home last night and of this morning, fall break is over, how sad is that? The time went fast and now it is time to move on
with the school year. I am glad that I had a good fall break and now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break and then on to Christmas break.!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football, Fall and Family

I love the fall and the things that come with it. I get to hear some of my most favorite words, " It's football time in Tennessee". I love football. I like the colors, the cheering, the excitement, the players working together for a purpose and that purpose is to win the game. I like watching the fans cheer when they see a great play and then boo when the players or coaches don't perform the way they want them to. Football is a game of skill and strength. It is a fun game to watch and cheer for. Did you know that football is on everyday of the week on TV except for Tuesday and Wednesday? I have to laugh when I hear about a "Special Edition of Monday Night Football on Thursday Night". Why don't they just say they are having a game on Thursday this week instead of renaming Thursday to a Special Monday? Oh well, I don't mind having another game.

We watch football all day on Saturday and from the time we get home from church on Sunday till we go to bed. There are games after games after games. We watch mostly SEC games but occasionally we will watch other conferences. We cheer for our Ole Miss Rebels first and foremost! This is a team near and dear to our hearts. Steve and I are both graduates from Ole Miss and we have a niece that is attending there now. Even though Angela and Ben went to other colleges, they too, have a heart for Ole Miss. I think even Zach is getting fonder of Ole Miss even though he is a very devoted Tennessee fan.

I love the fall for other reasons besides football. I love watching the leaves change colors. The vibrant colors are so amazing and inspiring. I love the smells in the fall. When you get up on a crisp morning, it is almost like you can smell the new day dawning. I love the smell of the tobacco being smoked in nearby barns. I look at the trees as their leaves begin to fall and wonder if it makes them sad to loose them. It seems that on a crisp fall day that you can touch the blue sky because it seems so very close and vivid.

Fall in the Shaw family means plenty of birthdays. It seems like every week someone is having a birthday. Steve's dads was last week, his sister's is this week and Steve's is next week. It is interesting having so many birthdays in one month. We were able to go see Steve's dad last week for his birthday and I think they will be able to come see him for his birthday on the 24th. He will be turning 50 and I know they want to help celebrate this milestone birthday. I guess we will just be able to call his sister for her birthday. She lives pretty far from us so it is harder to get together.

Fall has many things to enjoy. I will always love this time of year and the things that come with it. Football, changes in the weather, vibrant colors, crisp days, and of course celebrating these times with family. After all family is what makes these things that much sweeter!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop!!!!

It is birthday time again in the Shaw family. My wonderful father-in-law, Billy Earl Shaw, is 77 years old today!!

It has been so fun to get to know this man over the past 30 years. There are many things about him that I have come to love.

He is a kind, honest man who always puts his family first. He loves his wife, children and grandchildren with all his heart. He is kind, honest and a man of integrity. He has been an example of what a Godly man is all about.

One of my favorite things about him is his smile. He doesn't just smile with his mouth but mostly with his eyes. He has the best twinkling eyes I have ever seen. I love to watch him smile and laugh.

He is special to me because he is a father that I never had while I was growing up. When I became the wife of his son, I became his daughter as well. I have never felt like an outsider or been treated any differently than his other children and for that I am truly thankful.

Happy Birthday Pop!!!! I love you!!