Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sad Day

Tomorrow will be a sad but exciting day as the football season of 2008 comes to an official close. I love football on both the college and professional levels and it will be hard to see the games come to a close once again.

My favorite college team is Ole Miss. What a finish they had to their terrific season. They had earned a post season bowl game by beating teams such as the Florida Gators,( who, by the way went on to be the National Champion), LSU (the defending national champion), and other SEC teams. No one gave them a shot to win many games this year. They went into the new football season with a new coach and a new approach to playing the game. What a season they had!! They ended up with a record of 9-4, which includes a Cotton Bowl win against Texas Tech. Ole Miss was not a favorite in that game, but once again they played with focus and intensity and won the game!!

We had a great time watching the National Championship game with Florida and Oklahoma. Of course we were cheering for Florida because they were from the SEC but also because the only game that Florida lost was to the OLE MISS REBELS!!!!!

My favorite professional team is the New York Giants, mainly because Eli Manning their quarterback is a former quarterback from Ole Miss. I am also a big Tennessee Titian fan. Because neither of these teams are in the big game tomorrow, I will be cheering for the Arizona Cardinals. I have several reasons for this, I like the colors, they are the underdog,(no one thought they would make it this far) and I like the quarterback, Kurt Warner. He is a man of integrity and is never afraid to acknowledge where his strength comes from. He is a believer that carries his faith and witness onto the football field with him. I first heard of him when he led the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl a few years ago. I heard him give and interview and he was not ashamed to share his faith while being interviewed. I have liked him ever since.

I am looking forward to the big game tomorrow, but it will be bittersweet to know that it will be several months before we hear the wonderful words

"It's football time in Tennessee"