Saturday, February 7, 2009


The economy; will I have enough money to make it? Job security; do I have it? Marriages crumbling, is mine secure? The welfare of our children; are they okay? Health; am I okay, what about those I love, will they be okay? On and on the list of questions in our lives grow. I seek answers to these and so many more questions in my life.

I think we are all seekers. It is in our nature to want to know. We have become a society to want things quickly. Fast is something we have become accustomed to and when we don’t get it quickly we become irritated and begin looking else where for answers. We turn to the news; according to what you hear or read these days the answers to many of our questions are gloom and doom. We hear then we react accordingly. We become discouraged and depressed. We have a tendency to focus on the bad things in our lives and forget about the good.

Okay, maybe things are tough for you right now but if you would only look out the window, you can find some good. Look at the birds, watch the clouds or stars. Listen for the laughter of children and the rush of the wind. Smell the fragrance after a rain shower, open a bag of chocolate inhale the wonderful aroma then reach in and put a few of these wonderful morsels in your mouth, don’t chew quickly just let them melt in your mouth and enjoy the taste of this delicious treat. Your taste may include something salty as well, so popcorn could be your tasty treat. There are good things all around us; we just have to look for them.

As I was watching the news last night a story came on about the economy. I watched and listened with interest and sadness as the jobless numbers were announced. So many numbers given, so many people and families affected. What caught my attention in this story was the fact that indeed there was a business that was flourishing right now. It is the business of psychics. The news story introduced us to a woman whose business has picked up tremendously over the past few months. People come to her wanting to know what they should do about their money, job situation, will the economy get better, and on and on the questions come. She says that she can tell them exactly what is in store for their lives by reading it in the cards. People are so desperate for answers they will go anywhere and trust anyone.

What has happened to spending time in the Word of God to seek answers? I was reading His word this morning and was once again reminded that the answers for everything that we face in life are given to us in His Word. EVERYTHING. We have to take the time to seek and study His word. So many times we skip this resource because it takes time or even because we think we may not like the answer when we find it. It may require more from us than we are ready to give. We run here and there seeking answers to questions. We trust man to give the answers to us and when we don’t like their answers we run to someone else to seek answers that have a better sound to us.

When will we realize that He has given to us all the answers we will ever need? That there is not a question that He cannot answer. He knows the economy is shaky, He knows that many are sick or lonely, He knows marriages are crumbling, He knows that many are discouraged and hurting. He knows and He cares!!

Trust what you read in His Word. He has the answers!! Spend time with Him, let Him give encouragement and fill you with His Peace.

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