Friday, January 1, 2010

New Beginnings

The word NEW has several different meanings:
  • recently made
  • first hand
  • replacing the existing one
  • recently discovered
The one that I like the best is the third one listed here, replacing the existing one. I think that is what happens with each new year, the old year is replaced with the new one. I am reminded that we can't go back to yesterday, last week, last month or last year but what we can do is to make the best of each day that we are given and that each day is the new day that replaces the previously existing one. I am trying to learn that each day is full of new things and that I shouldn't worry about the days to come but to enjoy the day I have been given.

I also like the definition of new that refers to things recently discovered. Over the past few months I have discovered that I can be a new graduate student and make good grades, I can handle new transitions at my job, and best of all I will be learning to be a new grandmother around the middle of April!!

I realize that life is full of new things to be discovered. As I begin this new year, I hope to look for the new things in different areas of my life with joy and anticipation.

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